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One of the many interior decoration services that Room-Antics, the lady decorator led business in Runford, specialises in, is upcycling pre-loved furniture.

HP - P1090623Commissioning this lady decorator to upcycle your old Runford furniture has many advantages. Some of these benefits are:

– Older pieces of furniture often have more charm and character than buying new off-the-shelf pieces. Upcycling makes the most of this character, while giving the piece a fresh, more contemporary look that you can love for years to come.
– Upcycling furniture by giving it a new veneer can give you a unique, bespoke piece. This approach gives your Runford home a more creative and personal aesthetic than simply shopping for the new.
– By upcycling your furniture you can stop it going into landfill and thus help the environment.
– It is financially responsible to upcycle, saving the cost of buying new furniture.

Whether you have an old dresser, a worn cupboard, a discoloured set of drawers, a tarnished coffee table, a stained dining table, a set of mismatched dining chairs or a threadbare arm chair consider having this lady decorator suggest some upcycling ideas.

This lady decorator also offers Runford customers a colour scheme consultation service, painting and decorating, mural design and specialist paint techniques.

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