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When painting the walls of your Hollybourne home it can be easy to play it safe.

HP - P1090623We all know that white walls look great and the all-white wall house has been incredibly popular over the past ten years.

However signs show that interior design is moving away from this neutral aesthetic trend and again embracing colour, texture and pattern.

If you have lived with all-white walls within your Hollybourne home for a while and fancy a change, let this lady decorator re-introduce you to colour. This lady decorator led business operating in the Hollybourne area, is passionate about colour. One of the services we offer our Hollybourne customers, along with all aspects of professional painting and decorating, is colour scheme creation.

This lady decorator can come to your Hollybourne home for a full, free initial consultation and we can work together to decide upon a colour palette.

Here are a few suggestions to get you thinking outside of white:

– A feature wall of paprika in the kitchen can add warmth and contrast to white units. Likewise painting the area between the countertops and the units yellow can effectively add an accent of colour.

– Light blue is an easy transition away from white in the living room, giving an easy on the eye backdrop to showcase your furniture and art.

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