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Decorating a room in your Liss home will involve a number of steps. Some of these steps are time-consuming, some are intricate and some can be monotonous.

HP - P1090623If you are unable or just don’t fancy completing these steps yourself, then call Room-Antics, the lady decorator led firm working in Liss, Hampshire. We are a lady decorator led firm with a great reputation in the Liss and Hampshire area.

You will find this Liss lady decorator to be professional, tidy, courteous, reliable and passionate about decorating.

If you are still deciding whether to do it yourself or whether to call in a lady decorator to your Liss home then here is a quick list of the basic steps involved in decorating a room, for you to consider:

1. Decide upon the colour scheme and materials
2. Source the materials
3. Protect furniture, possessions, carpets and woodwork
4. Remove light switches and outlet covers
5. Prepare the walls: depending on the state of the walls this can simply involve cleaning with sugar soap, to stripping off old wallpaper, to filling any cracks or, where particularly bad, papering the wall with lining paper.
6. Paint the ceiling
7. If painting use primer on the walls and then paint the walls
8. If wallpapering the walls, cut the wallpaper to size, paste and hang the paper
9. Paint the woodwork including the window frames and doors
10. Thorough clean up

If you would like Room-Antics to take the strain and complete the job for you, just get in touch.

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