Female Decorator North Warnborough

Would you like inspiration for your North Warnborough home from a female decorator with City & Guilds qualifications in all aspects of interior decoration?

HP - P1090623Perhaps there are specialist paint techniques, interesting combinations of colours or textures or furniture upcycling opportunities that you haven’t thought about.

Perhaps you aren’t aware of the latest decorating trends or simply don’t know what colour scheme to choose.  Perhaps you would like fresh ideas for your North Warnborough decorating project from a female decorator with experience in her trade, up-to-date knowledge and a creative eye, such as:

  • Inky blue paint on the walls of your North Warnborough living room combined with white paint work for a striking, and on trend neutral backdrop.
  • Spray painting an old piece of furniture to give it a flawless, revitalised appearance.
  • Applying metallic wallpaper on one wall printed on foil backing for added glamour.
  • Painting the picture rail and the area above it a different colour to the rest of the wall.

Whether you want something neutral and elegant, eye-catching and colourful or floral and oriental for your North Warnborough room this female decorator is happy to input and to deliver.

This female decorator business is happy to engage in a full free in depth consultation about the work required within your North Warnborough home and provide a written quotation before any chargeable work is carried out.

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