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Are you looking for a female decorator to wallpaper a room in your Milford home?

HP - P1090623Let’s admit it – wallpapering can be a challenge.  It can be very satisfying to stand back and look at the finished effect but in the midst of the job, many people do suffer from the ‘what have I started?’ syndrome!

That’s why Room-Antics, the female decorator led business in Milford is happy to take the whole project on for you. We love wallpaper. We have City & Guilds qualifications in all aspects of interior decoration plus lots of experience hanging wallpaper professionally in all its varieties and intricacies.

So this female decorator in Milford has learnt how to avoid the pitfalls.

If you are tempted to go it alone and wallpaper your Milford property yourself, let this professional female decorator share a few tips:

– Wall preparation is the key to a good job. Some heavy lining paper is advisable.
– Don’t paste too many lengths at the same time as the paste may have started to dry and become ineffective before you come to hang it.
– Hang the wallpaper over the openings for switches and power sockets. Then neatly cut away the wallpaper while it is still damp.
– It is better to strip the wallpaper off and re-hang, rather than trying to push, pull and tweak.
– Triple check strips for bubbles and seam matches as you go along – this needs to be rectified as soon as possible before the paste has set.

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