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This professional female decorator operating in Frensham loves transforming rooms, and giving customers the finish they want, with the minimum amount of mess and hassle.

HP - P1090623We know that this enthusiasm and love of decorating isn’t shared by all Frensham homeowners! We realise that for some Frensham residents the prospect of having a room redecorated brings a sense of dread.

You may feel unable to decorate yourself due to your age, your health or simply a lack of time. Or you may find the thought of being head to foot in paint or wallpaper paste completely unappealing.

We also know that some Frensham homeowners dread the prospect of having professional decorators in, to redecorate. Perhaps you’ve had a bad experience. Perhaps jobs have overrun or the decorating firm hasn’t respected your possessions or your Frensham household, as they should have done.

Don’t let any of those concerns put you off. You will find Room-Antics to be different.  Room-Antics, the female-led decorating firm in Frensham, works hard to take care of all the practical details while minimising the time, disruption and mess for our customers.  We pride ourselves on our tidiness, courtesy and our good communication with customers.

Call Room Antics, the female led decorator firm in Frensham today and let us bring you the joy of a beautifully redecorated room.

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