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Room-Antics is a female decorator led business working in Medstead.

HP - P1090623In addition to traditional decorating, Room-Antics also specialises in upcycling pieces of furniture.

If you have a loved piece of furniture that has seen better days or a piece of furniture that you no longer love because it has fallen out of fashion, why not let us upcycle it into something beautiful. This female decorator in Medstead loves to upcycle.

Upcycling is in fashion because it is cheaper and more ecologically friendly than buying new furniture, and with upcycling there are infinite possibilities.

Here are just a few ideas to get you thinking of what you could get this female decorator to do with the furniture in your Medstead home:

– Spray paint a wooden desk in metallic silver, bright red or grey blue.
– Wallpaper the facades of drawers in a set of drawers
– Give the top of your coffee table a glass cover with artwork underneath
– Make random dining chairs form a set by painting/upholstering them all the same colour

Upcycling is great fun. But it can be time consuming and hard work. So if you don’t fancy doing the fixing, sanding, cleaning, priming, painting and finishing yourself, call the female decorator led firm, Room-Antics and we will be glad to upcycle a piece from your Medstead home for you.
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