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Are you looking for a female decorator working in Bentworth to help you with the redesign of a room in your home?

HP - P1090623When thinking about the redecoration of a room you may think about the colour of the paint, the style of the wallpaper, the carpet and the curtains. But there are other options that this Bentworth female decorator can offer.

If you would like something a bit different, some of our customers have enjoyed working with us to create a bespoke wall mural. This makes the room intimately personal to you and your Bentworth household and can directly reflect your personality and taste.

Here are some ideas for murals that could work in different rooms:

– A beautiful blossom tree on one of your bedroom walls
– An ice palace for your child’s bedroom wall
– An inspirational quote on your kitchen wall
– A dandelion clock losing its seeds on your living room wall

If you would like to commission a mural this female decorator would be happy to tease out your ideas, design it and create it within your Bentworth property.

Of course, this female decorator working in Bentworth is very happy to work with you on a more traditional decoration project if you prefer your walls to act as a backdrop rather than a focal point.

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