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This female decorator led firm loves to wallpaper!

HP - P1090623If you would like to enjoy the finish of beautiful wallpaper in your Selbourne home without the hassle of hanging it yourself, then get in touch with this female decorator working in Selbourne.

It may sound mad to some people, but this female decorator in Selbourne loves the whole cycle of wallpapering. We take pride in protecting your possessions and furniture, painting the ceiling and woodwork, cleaning or lining the walls, cutting the paper to make it go as far as possible, pasting, hanging and thoroughly cleaning the room afterwards.

We enjoy seeing the transformation and the process of it taking shape. And if you like, we are happy to share our creative ideas and styling tips to enhance the room even further.

This female decorator working in Selbourne can expertly hang any type of wallpaper, be it:

– Flock wallpaper with its stroke-able, luxurious texture
– Metallic Foil wallpaper with its reflective, glamour finish
– Printed wallpaper, be it bold florals, intricate patterns, geometric designs or graphic wallpaper
– Vinyl wallpaper which provide a durable backdrop to a room
– Washable wallpaper with the water-resistant ink and plastic finish

So if you need a room in your Selbourne home wallpapered contact this female decorator at Room-Antics.

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